We are a motivated group of caregivers who are passionate about spreading the love and benefits of babywearing

Many of us fell into the warm arms of this welcoming group the same way you most likely arrived here. We either heard of babywearing or saw others wearing their babies prior to having children of our own and knew it was something that seemed to help with parenthood. Now as parents or caregivers ourselves it has not only helped us with parenting, it has become a daily necessity in life. We welcome any and all groups of people to please join our group. Not only are there tools you can learn from us about babywearing, there is more we can learn from each other about parenting. 

To gain the support from our group through social media please join our chat group at New York Babywearing Chat Group. You may ask any questions relating to babywearing on this page and an educator will help you. We also encourage posting your babywearing pictures followed by a #oktoshare! We love sharing the love. Also, if you are concerned about the safety of your carry, we can help will that as well. While we do discuss other topics besides babywearing, we like to try and keep things on topic by posting 'off topic' items in the Off Topic monthly photo album. 

For meeting and event information please also join our public page at New York Babywearing. You contact us with questions at our email to nybabywearing@gmail.com or by submitting the contact form below. While we do try to keep our meeting information update on this website, the best place to get the latest information is by accessing our public facebook page. We also post other event information within it as well.