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Catherine kehrer, Educator

I have 2 children! My son is 1 and daughter is 12.


Babywearing started as a way to soothe my son – it was the only way we could get him to stop crying! For us, babywearing really helped strengthen our bond, but also allowed me to take care of things around the house and also to do things with his big sister, that I wasn’t able to manage as well until I started wearing. First as a necessity, but babywearing has now become a hobby as well…I love trying out different carries and carriers. Now it’s such a part of our life – I’ll keep wearing as long as he lets me!


I decided to volunteer for NYBabywearing because babywearing has been really important to me and I wanted to share the babywearing love with other caregivers.


I am currently a meeting hopper but plan to mostly attend the Westchester weekend meeting. I babywear most while I am cooking or running errands, but I also love going for walks/hikes with the family! When I am not babywearing I can be found going to my daughters sports events, trying to wrangle a garden into submission, reading or going to the occasional wine tasting with my husband.