dray aii, voluneer

I have two children, ages 2 and 9 months.


Babywearing is important to me because I believe it allows parents to form a stronger bond with their babies while allowing them free hands to get things done. It’s convenient, easy to learn and enhances my quality of life!


I decided to volunteer for NYBabywearing so I can offer something back to the community I live in. I want to help parents who may not know about babywearing or who may need some help. I also enjoy the opportunity to learn something new and babywearing has now become something I am passionate about.


I can usually be found at the meeting in Monticello. My favorite babywearing activity is working out. Babywearing is the only way I can get a workout in now a days. When I’m not babywearing I can usually be found reading, watching Netflix or doing something crafty with my home.


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