Mich conway, vp education

I have two boys. Xander is 5 and Phoenix will be 2 in December.


Babywearing is important to me because I love the freedom it gives me to be handsfree, whether it’s doing things around the house or hiking up a mountain I can go anywhere and do anything with baby snuggles along the way.


Before joining New York Babywearing I was already teaching other parents how to use their carriers at our local play dates and breastfeeding support group so when I discovered a local babywearing group in our area it was just a natural progression for me


I can usually be found at the Beacon meeting in Dutchess county, but occasionally make an appearance at the Croton (Westchester weekday) meeting. My favorite activities to do while babywearing is hiking and being outdoors. When I’m not babywearing I can usually be found sewing.


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