natasha heff, volunteer

I have two children, a 5 year old and 3 year old.


Babywearing is important to me because when my son was born it allowed me to bond and  have him with me all the time while chasing after an almost two year old. Now it allows me to keep my son on my back and not worry about him running off. On occasion my five your old will go up because she gets tired when we do a lot of walking. Extra cuddles never hurt!

I decided to volunteer for NYBabywearing because it allows me to share my experiences and help someone who wants to be part of this community.

I can usually be found at the Croton meeting. When my children were little, everything was my favorite activity while babywearing. Now I usually wear when we are at amusement parks or if one of them was sleeping and I want to transfer them to go somewhere. When I’m not babywearing I can usually be found taking the kiddies to whatever activities and taking care of stuff around the house.


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