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A New Year to Try Something New!

A new year is a fantastic time to reflect upon all of the events from the year prior and to muster up excitement about what’s to come. On behalf of all of our dedicated volunteers at New York Babywearing, I want to take this opportunity first and foremost to thank all of our members and followers for seeing us through such a hurried and hectic transition. We are thrilled to have had the support of so many wonderful folks and cannot thank you enough!

That being said, it’s a fantastic time to start fresh with a New Year by trying something new. We have so many exciting new carriers that we have acquired over the last few months that I am super excited to showcase!

Tula Explore

The first new and exciting carrier that I’m going to be talking about is the Tula Explore! Tula has generously donated not just one, but TWO of these amazing new carriers to our babywearing group. The Tula Explore has been recently released by the company and has so many amazing features. It’s suitable for use from infancy (without the use of an infant insert) through toddlerhood and has points of adjust-ability from the seat width to the panel height to truly give you the fit you want for your growing baby. This carrier also allows you the ability to wear your child in both a tummy to tummy hold or in a facing out ergonomic seating option. You can also back carry in this carrier as well. We are so excited to be able to have two of these amazing carriers available in our Croton and Syracuse lending libraries!

Tula Explore, front carry facing out (

Tula Explore, back carry (

Beco Ring Sling

Another recent addition you can find in our Monticello library is one of my personal favorites, a Beco Ring Sling! Ring slings are such a wonderful carrier option that can be used from the smallest of babies up through toddlerhood. The compactness makes them a great option to toss in your diaper bag where they will be sure to take up very minimal room, and they’re wonderful for popping your baby or toddler very quickly in and out of. The Beco is one of my personal favorites to teach with, particularly for newer wearers. The light weight and soft cotton is very comfortable for both the wearer and baby and glides through the rings with such ease making it a great carrier especially for those of us who are just learning to use them.

NYBW Volunteer Lauren Gim modelling the Beco Ring Sling with her toddler

Lumiere Soft Structured Carrier

In our Beacon library you can also find another new and amazing carrier: The Lumiere Baby Carrier which is a Soft Structured Carrier that was generously donated to our babywearing group. This past year Lumiere has donated SEVEN carriers to us! If you have not had a chance to try one yet now is the time because this carrier has many awesome features. It is a six position carrier which allows you the ability to wear your baby in several different options to satisfy many different needs. Whether it’s a tummy to tummy, or a curious growing baby wanting to get in on all the action by facing outward, this carrier truly can accommodate those needs. It’s adaptability also allows you to adjust it from 7-45 pounds with no infant insert needed.

Lumiere Soft Structured Carrier, front carry facing out carry (

Beach Front Everyday Buckle Meh Dai

And lastly on our tour of brand new carriers, let’s talk about another carrier style, the Meh Dai! We now have not just one, but THREE Beachfront Baby Everyday Buckle Meh Dai’s. These three carriers can be found in our Beacon, Croton, and Syracuse libraries. Let’s talk about some of the great features that this carrier has to offer. The Everyday Buckle Meh Dai is actually made from 100% recycled PET water bottles in the United States. It is suitable for use in both water and on land and is extremely light weight even straight out of the water! While the versatility of use on both land and in water may be a selling point alone, this carrier also blocks about 87% of UVA rays and 95% of UVB rays giving both baby and the wearer extra protection in the sun! Additionally, this carrier is size inclusive which is something that is so important to us in our search for baby carriers. We love when we are able to find carriers suitable for all body types.

Beachfront Everyday Buckle Meh Dai (

We are so excited and encourage all of our meeting attendees to come to a meeting local to you and to try on some of these fantastic new carrier options. Want to try something new with a carrier you already own and love? Not a problem! As always, bring your carrier from home to get hands on help from one of our fantastic educators and or flag an educator down at a meeting if you’ve been itching to try something new but have yet to take the plunge. After all, now is as good of a time as ever. Peace, love and happy babywearing to you during the new year!

Feel free to ask any questions and please post your pictures using these new carriers to share with #oktoshare!

Blog post by New York Babywearing Educator Anne Wetzel

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