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April Showers are for Babywearing

Happy April fellow babywearers! We hope this month has everyone looking into the warm weather that is hopefully on the horizon. What better way to spread some spring cheer than to collaborate with a bunch of our educators and volunteers while we share with you “all of our favorites”.... carriers that is! This month we decided to all share what our favorite carrier is and why. The analogy that I always say and love sharing with everyone is that carriers are like a pair of jeans, what works great for me and what I love, may not work for you or your baby. Which is why we love the fact that we have an array of so many wonderful carriers within our lending library at your disposal to try before buying, or to try and borrow! Let’s explore some of our volunteers favorites:

Anne writes: “My favorite carrier style is always going to be a Ring Sling. While all of my kids had a preference to what THEY tolerated, Ring Slings will always be a personal favorite of mine. I love that you can adjust it to fit even the smallest of babies and that they can be used through toddlerhood. I love how compact they are and that you can stuff them into a diaper bag if need be or simply wear them on you like a sash. I could often be seen just walking around wearing my sling regardless if my baby was actually in it or not. They’re amazing for “quick ups” especially when chasing a toddler around.”

NYBW Volunteer, Anne Wetzel & her newborn in a Ring Sling

Kristen writes: “I love me a buckle, but the Ring Sling is so universal for all baby/toddler sizes and great for quick ups! Here’s a pic while pregnant and carrying my toddler a week before my daughter was born and the other is with my newborn less than a week old. Same Ring Sling, different baby.”

NYBW Volunteer, Kristen and her toddler and newborn in a Ring Sling

Catherine writes: “My favorite carriers are wraps. I love the versatility in carries, discovering new carries and exploring new fiber blends, thicknesses and textures. Also, love the snuggles!”

NYBW Volunteer, Catherine and her toddler in a wrap carry

Lacy couldn’t agree more as she writes: “My absolute favorite is a wrap. The versatility, comfort, artistry.”

NYBW Volunteer, Lacy and her toddler and twins tandem wearing in 2 wraps

Jena writes: “I have different favorites for different things. Woven wraps for the versatility, aesthetics, comfort and mental challenge of learning new carries. Ring slings for quick ups, nursing and out and about since it’s so easy to fit in a bag or wear as a sash all day. Kinderpack for emergency grumpin’ purposes since he can’t escape as easy and eventually falls asleep.”

NYBW Volunteer, Jena and her toddler in a wrap carry

Kate writes: “My SSC is frequently a go to because it is so comfortable and supportive. I will happily carry my toddler through nap. Here is one from this morning of my wildly vacationed out toddler totally passed out on my back in Mexico while I finished packing. #oktoshare

NYBW Volunteer, Kate and her sleeping toddler in a SSC back carry

“Twin mom and educator Haley writes: If I only had one kid I'd be a much better wrapper and probably mostly use a wrap strap Meh Dai but with twins it is the Twingo all the way. I put over 500 miles on that thing and it is sun bleached and ridiculously floppy. The pockets!”

NYBW Volunteer, Hayley and her twin boys in a twingo carrier

And finally Rachel writes: “obviously nowadays our goto is a SSC, but during our babywearing journey I loved them all at different points...meh dais helped us ease into back wearing so they hold a special spot in my heart, then we used onbuhimos for a looooong time.”

NYBW Volunteer, Rachel and her toddler in an Onbuhimo carry

So as you can see we all have our own take on what makes a carrier our personal favorite. Many of our educators and volunteers started out as meeting attendees and we were all new to this at some point. We encourage everyone that is able to, to try and come to a meeting so you too can find your personal favorite.

Peace, love and happy Babywearing to all!

Anne Wetzel, NYBW Educator

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