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Big Kid Wearing

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

The word babywearing breaks down to “wearing a baby”. But there is a whole babywearing world still out there once your baby is no longer a baby and enters into toddlerhood. But you may wondering why wear a toddler or a preschool age child? There are many many reasons!

Public spaces

If your like me and are constantly worried about pretty much everything, toddler wearing can help put your nerves at ease. With your child literally attached to you, no need to worry about them wandering off or strangers interacting with them.

Tired Legs

Toddlers are slow, especially when you really need them not to be. After a long day out and about that big kid may be in need of carrying to get through the rest of the excursion and fingers crossed for a carrier nap while your at it.


If a new baby becomes part of the family your big kid may feel like their spot is gone (I know mine did) and all of a sudden that independent preschooler has a resurgence of asking to be picked up. Generally the time in the carrier is limited for either your comfort level or them getting that bonding moment they were looking for. My 4 yr old loves to pick out the carrier she wants to use and walk the dogs with me. It’s a short period of time but we both look forward to the time together.

Special Needs

Many caregiver of children with special needs really find babywearing a critical asset when caring for their child. Either keeping them safe in public places, calming anxieties, or children with mobility limitations, many carriers have extended weight limits which have made this possible. If your on facebook, Special needs babywearing facebook group( is a great resource for find more information regarding which carriers others have found to work for various needs and situations.

I'll be going though each carrier style below. * means one or more is part of our lending libraries. for full inventory

Buckle carriers

Buckles or Soft Structured Carriers are widely popular option for many caregivers. If your a fan there are many fabulous toddler and preschooler options available.

*Lillebaby Carry On- max 60lb

*Tula Toddler- max 60lbs

*Kinderpack Toddler- max 45lbs

*Kinderpack Preschool- max 55lbs

Easy Feel toddler- max 48lbs

*Easy Feel Preschool- max 57lbs

*Easy Feel extend plus- max 63 lbs

*Soul full buckle Toddler- max 50lbs

Jublii Baby Creations big kid- max 70lbs

Woven Wraps

See our post about woven wraps for more information. Most caregivers cite having higher GSM woven wraps (meaning the wrap is more on the thicker side) have provided more comfort when wearing older children. However, the versatility of a woven wrap provides an option that can be used from birth on with no size upgrades needed. Your carries may change as your child grows but your wrap can stay the same here is a YouTube playlist of some big kid friendly wrap carries.

Semi Double Hammock

Ring Sling

Believe it or know but a ring sling is still a very viable big kid option. Double layer linen, double layer silk or woven wrap material can help support that toddler effectively and still keep you comfortable. A ring sling back carry is also a great alternative.

Meh Dai

Due to the versatility of the unstructured panel many meh dais have an extended use life. A standard size meh dai can last well into toddlerhood. Several brands also offer a toddler size. For more Meh Dai information click here!

Lenny Lamb Toddler

Fidella toddler- max 66lbs

*Lenny Lamb Toddler

*Diva Milano- max 55lbs


The onbuhimo is a favorite for many caregivers when it comes to big kid wearing. Due to the lack of waist band it makes quick toddler ups even quicker. More info about the onbuhimo can be found here

Preschool 2Lambie VIA Onbuhimo

*Soul- max 40lbs

2lambie Toddler, Preschool and extended preschool are 3 big kid size options


Cute Awakening

How do you get that big kid back there? Good old superman or hip scoot are still viable options but my favorite way (and her favorite way) is to have her jump right on up!

One day it'll be the very last time you pick your big kid up, with the help of your chosen carrier, that last time doesn't need to be as soon. #wearallthetoddlers #Wearallthebigkids

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Happy big kid wearing!

Blog post by NYBW educator Jena Love

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