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Wildbird Ring Sling Review

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I was so excited to experience these slings for myself. The moment arrived when Wildbird donated 8 single layer ring slings to our lending library. The sling arrives in a small white box with a window cut in the front of the box to allow you to see the color of the sling inside. There's no plastic which allows you to immediately feel the texture of the sling. Inside the box is an easy to follow instruction booklet, but Wildbird also has instructions available on their website and social media. The slings we received are the color Nunlet, a great neutral tan, like coffee with plenty of cream. 4 of the slings came with silver rings and 4 came with rose gold, which I absolutely love. When you order a sling from their website, you choose your own ring colors so the sling can be personalized to your taste.

There was a bit of texture to the linen upon taking it out of the box. After a wash and air dry they were already pretty soft. Even more so after a wear or two! The website says single linen "will become even softer with use" and I'm so excited to see how buttery these get after a few checkouts. The sling was easy to thread and adjust and had just enough grip that it stayed in place after tightening.The fabric is light and breathable. There's still snow on the ground here, but the breathability of the fabric makes it seem like this will be amazing for warmer weather. The single layer linen provided enough support for me to comfortably carry my 30lb toddler for 30 minutes (which was about all the time he was interested in being up before he was off and running again).

We're so grateful to Wildbird for their generosity and support of New York Babywearing. Check out these slings at your local New York Babywearing meeting. Also check out the links below to learn more.

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For online ring sling tutorials check out this playlist on YouTube

If you check out one of these ring slings from one of our meetings please share your images on our chat page with #oktoshare and #lendinglibrarylove

Happy Babywearing!

Review courtesy of NYBW educator Catherine Kehrer

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