Rachel Patterson, Educator

I have one very rambunctious 2 year old!

Babywearing is important to me because it helped me stay close to my little guy when he was younger, allowing me to get me out of the house; to go on a hike, or just to the grocery store. It’s amazing how good it feels to master the different types of carriers and see what works well for you and your little ones!

I decided to volunteer for NYBabywearing because I wanted to become an educator to help new caregivers feel comfortable babywearing and give them a safe, supportive space to get out of the house.

I can usually be found at the Rockland meeting. My favorite activity to do while babywearing is hiking, of course. When I’m not babywearing I can usually be found hiking, horseback riding, playing with animals (vet tech over here!) and jogging at a very slow speed.


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